Some 3D Printed Scales

Depending on who does your 3D printing, your scales will come out about like this if you use my stl file and have them done in ABS at 100nm. Both ABS and PLA sand easily, but ABS can also be smoothed with acetone, and PLA can't. ABS is harder to print, though, which is why there is a base layer on the print, to help it adhere to the print bed. You should try to get 100% infill, or at least 80%. Most guys will want to default to 20% infill and that won't work for razor scales, since they have to be sanded, trimmed, drilled, etc. Typical 3D prints have a solid shell but the interior will be a honeycomb or lattice type arrangement which saves material but still gives fairly good strength. That isn't good enough for razor scales, though.

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